Professional Development for Learning and Growth

A Resource Guide for Teachers


Professional development that best serves the needs of teachers and their students is closely related to the work of teaching and the processes of learning. While there are many models of professional development, there are some that by their design offer clear opportunities for personal and professional growth. They are directly related to developing our abilities to conceptualize, plan, and assess our approaches to teaching. These models create areas that are characterized by inquiry, observation, research, and collegial interactions that reshape our work environments.

In this professional development resource guide we present several models of professional development. We believe these models reshape teaching because they are job-embedded formats that serve teachers by centering them in their own learning and in their own practices. Conferencing about students, learning from each other, examining student work and student realities, researching what works, and reflecting about practices that support student achievement are characteristics that are part of a different professional reality.

Union members can receive a copy of Professional Development for Learning and Growth: A Resource Guide For Teachers by contacting us at the Rochester Teacher Center.