Mission Statement


Rochester Teacher Center understands that teachers, as transmitters of a society's culture, have a responsibility and desire to promote and model educational practices that enhance the life chances and opportunities of all. As a teacher center, our mission is to:

  • support teachers in the acquisition of knowledge about students, teaching and learning, and the kinds of educational systems that promote positive and effective practices;
  • assist teachers in developing a wider knowledge base about curriculum and pedagogies that view students as an essential part of the instructional process;
  • model and support ways for teachers to build right-relationship with students, the school community, parents, and the communities they represent;
  • produce knowledge about teaching and learning;
  • create supportive and collegial learning environments for teachers;
  • articulate and promote standards for professional practice; and
  • be a repository and center for learning about diverse needs, realities of students, and approaches for teaching.

The above goals are for the purpose of supporting teachers as producers of knowledge and for improving the quality of teaching and learning in our schools.