Collegial Learning Circles


Teachers currently participating in Collegial Learning Circles seeking support for their work can contact the RTC by calling 262-8080.




Producing Culturally Informed Lessons


Meaningful professional development for teachers has been found to be job embedded, teacher-driven, and focused on actual student work. Teachers in individual schools or across disciplines coming together to learn from examination of their students’ work is one of the most valuable forms of professional development. In order to facilitate ongoing, collegial development initiatives, the RTC is pleased to offer support for teams of teachers wishing to form or formalize Collegial Learning Circles. Collegial learning circles are small groups of learners who are engaged in their own professional development and are gathered to support each other’s learning and effective teaching goals.

Funds are intended to support the production of culturally informed lessons developed to support the use of
culturally connected student learning materials provided by the RTC and Rochester teachers.
This professional development experience will support the development of expertise about culturally informed teaching and learning. This PD opportunity is designed to engage educators in reflection and growth, keeping content and pedagogical knowledge current, and supporting culturally responsive child-centered instructional practices. Rubrics for the highly effective designations of the APPR are incorporated in this work.

Professional practices that may be part of this work include:

  • engaging with parents and families or consultants;
  • peer observations and coaching;
  • classroom demonstrations;
  • examination, sharing, and discussion of student work; and
  • connecting parents/families to the curriculum.

Circle members will receive 20 RCSD professional development hours. Up to $200 will be available to support the work of the Circle. Some substitute days may be available. Circle facilitators of each collegial learning circle will receive a stipend of $1100.

Circle members will be responsible for: completion of circle commitments and products. Circle members are responsible for attending Learning Sessions on: October 22, November 5, January 10 (Saturday), March 12, May 9 (Saturday) and participating in a limited number of online venues.
Circle facilitators will be responsible for:

  • attending Learning Sessions (see dates above) and participating in a limited number of online venues;
  • facilitating a group compact that outlines the group’s agreement regarding purpose, meeting schedule; final product, and method of evaluating expectations;
  • ensuring regular communication among members of the collegial learning circle;
  • facilitating Circle meetings;
  • completing Circle lessons and commitments;
  • coordinating or compiling a final group product; and
  • completing and submitting  the circle’s self assessment.

Attached is the application form for RTC Collegial Learning Circle participation. The deadline for submission of applications is October 15, 2014. All projects must be completed by May 20, 2015. Have questions? Please contact Susan Goodwin, RTC Director, at 262-8080 or

Collegial Learning Circle Application